3.8 – 320 reviews  $$ • Chicken wings restaurant

Casual counter-serve chain serving a variety of chicken wings & sides.

Located In: Nacogdoches Marketplace II

Service Options:  Takeout · Delivery · No dine-in



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Address: 4909 North St Ste 206, Nacogdoches, TX 75965
Phone: (936) 552-7867

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Review Summary

Sandra Cuarenta
The place is great, the food is delicious and the staff is very friendly.
Tamra Hernandez
Fries are waaayyy to salty but the chicken is great!!
Kay Dee Bamidele
The service is fast and the employees are friendly.
Kevin New
Food was good as usual but when leaving I dropped my cup right out side the front door and it broke. I walked in and explained to the cashier who originally took my what happened and asked if I could have another cup she asked another employee who’s name is Adolfo if I could have another cup and he told her no. So after spending $28.00 for lunch with another co-worker I wasn’t allowed to have another cup for free. Be careful and be aware that they don’t care unless you’re spending money. Will never return to this location.
Korriana Veil (GameDevKat)
Only been here a couple of times and both times have been pleasant. My boyfriend is allergic to garlic (not deathly so a little bit is okay but after a certain amount he will get sick) so when he ordered, he didn’t specify any seasoning on the fries. We received the fries and it had the garlic salt and sugar seasoning. He asked at the front if the fries had garlic on them and he let them know his condition. They quickly replaced the fries with plain ones and were very accommodating. We even offered to pay for the new fries since it was a mess up on our end that he didn’t specify no seasoning at all. They exchanged the fries with no problems and all was good. Wings were hot and delicious. Fries were hot and greasy and amazing in the ranch dipping sauce. All in all, we haven’t had a super horrible experience when visiting here.
Harry S. Tervalon, Jr.
WingstopThis is a chain restaurant that offers a large variety of Wings prepared in a great many ways. Also offers Chicken in other ways such as Cajun Chicken Tenders. Found these to have little flavor.The food is basic bar type and is acceptable. You can obtain large portions for parties or games at reasonable prices.The one selection that stood out for us was the Spicy Korean Wings. My favorite was the Boneless Wings while my wife prefers the ones on the bone. A little more taste and flavor than other selections.For the record we never visited the place but had delivery made twice.They use a delivery service that is offering a tempting money saving deal that last a month. But if not cancelled you get stuck with a monthly fee just to use their service. Unless you intend to use this service quite often it can be expensive. Considering the basic monthly charge, the cost of the individual delivery that day and any tip for the person bringing you your order. For us a bit much for the occasional use of this business. The service is professional, well run, and both times used we experienced very nice people delivering the order.In summary Wingstop provides some good basic Chicken selections at a reasonable price but nothing stands out to make us think of being regulars.
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