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SAMINA is not an ordinary bed; it is an extraordinary healthy sleep system. Hand-crafted in Austria exclusively from superior organic and non-toxic natural materials, SAMINA offers an eco-friendly mattress free from harmful flame retardants and metal. Innovative design, superior spinal support to prevent back pain, breathable hypo-allergenic bedding, and the options to sleep grounded and sleep inclined are some of the many reasons SAMINA is the top choice for many health and wellness professionals. Available in Europe for over 30 years and designed by a doctor, SAMINA is the cozy, comfortable bed of your dreams now available in North America.

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Address: 24 S Los Robles Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101
Phone: (877) 494-1091

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Ruchira Densert
Great customer service and all questions answered in timely manner with details.
Sammi Lucas
My Husband and I are so impressed with the entire Samina Sleep experience.
Mirabelle Galian
All the Samina mattress layers breath and energetically flow so well.
Mirabelle Galian
Samina reviewThe following is from an email I wrote to the Samina representative whom I bought the bed from. I was so grateful for his patience, knowledge and honesty during the buying process (big bucks involved!) and tho I expected the bed to give me long term benefits, I simply could not believe the life changing effects I experienced the first night. I am even more grateful and happy to report today that three month later, all these benefits have continued, and their positive effects for my health have accrued.“I could really feel the difference sleeping on the Samina the first night!LOKOSANAI think the Lokosana pad totally changed my nervous system and energy bodies while in bed. I usually feel like “interference energy” is inside and surrounding my body creating tightening, closing, blocking, holding gestures. I feel like the EMF world we have layered over the natural world prevents me from expanding into the space around me…because instead of meeting the natural, God made space, I meet the (over-layed) electro-digital space. And I instinctively recoil, withdraw…and this is far more unhealthy than the EMF/EMR itself  Well, this is one aspect of my electro sensitivity. I mention this because the Samina bed changed this. Since early childhood, when I go to bed I have to spend hours releasing and shifting all this in order for my body to shift into regeneration mode. Last night, within 5 minutes I could feel that much of the interference energy was not present, and my organism began to relax into space. The space inside my body and around my body was more free and clear. I am not used to this. It was rather funny and joyfu to watch my habit body repeat the lifelong gestures responses to EMF, and then to notice…”hey…I’m gearing up to fight an enemy and there’s no enemy there!” My nervous system and energy bodies feel so much more safe and calm due to the Lokosana Pad.TALALAY LATEXThe talalay latex is very different from the latex mattresses I’ve used in the past. It is lighter, more “fluffy”, more air-like. The natural life energies can flow freely thru it also. This was not the case with previous natural latex mattresses. All the Samina mattress layers breath and energetically flow so well. It’s as close to sleeping on the forest floor as a mattress can get. (I often lay outside in the middle of our wildflower meadow).THE STRUCTURAL ASPECTI’ve never experienced this kind of structural support…firm support, but as if suspended in air. Perhaps the most important quality for me is the continuous all over skin contact with the right amount of “pressure-feedback”. I have a serious case of sensory integration and modulation issues. (My nervous system does not easily understand up/down, left/right, front/back, before/after, etc)  So normally when I turn around in the bed, the way the mattress responds creates such confusion in my nervous system, that it goes into panic, with racing heart etc. I toss and turn around a lot, and last night…(it honestly makes me teary)..every time I moved, the mattress responded to my movement in a way that made much more sense to my nervous system. When I moved, the correct perceptions of space and time arose. My nervous system did not panic, and I could fall back to sleep quickly. I could not believe it! I’m emotionally overwhelmed with gratitude.I really love my bed. It’s worth every penny. My lifelong health problems have seen steady improvements due to better sleep quality. My bed is a regeneration haven for me! wish I could afford to buy one for my mom and dad too.
Bryan Bilgore
The smartest sleep consultants in the country! I’ve been all over the world and I love working with their team to improve my sleep. The alternative all-natural no metal approach is unique and refreshing.
Annika Karlsson
This is the most comfortable mattress and mattress system I’ve ever slept on – perfect for great sleep. The bed is gorgeous, and exactly what I asked for. And the folks at samina couldn’t be nicer.
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