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Address: 214 E Redlands Blvd, Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: (909) 793-5252

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Review Summary

Joshua Barraza
Great selection, friendly staff, good prices.
Rob L
A great vinyl store with fair pricing and a large inventory to select from.
isabella garcia
Very good customer service, I found a few gems amongst their vast collection!
Alexandro Garcia
I have been wanting to check out this store for sometime but due to the inconvenient hours it was pretty difficult for me to go in. Because I work full time Monday through Friday, booked on Saturdays to DJ, and trying to rest Sundays I didn’t have a chance until today. I walked in and the store was completely empty… I asked the guy at the counter casually where the hip hop/ rap vinyl section was. He never onced looked at me and provided a lackluster answer. After finding for myself where the section was I was equally was unimpressed with the organization of records. The labels with alphabet order are old and broken with occasional letters that look like they were written by a 4 year old with a permanent marker. The price of records was confusing as some had old 99 cent price stickers and others did not… The records that did have a price were inflated compared to other record stores. Overall I am still wondering how they are in business with the location of downtown Redlands. I would recommend going to the vinyl store in Riverside off of University Ave.
Sermon 2016
5.0 star rating8/7/2019What a great place! Went in for the first time last week, both times the people working there are extremely nice laid back and friendly. It’s wonderful to have a record store within minutes of my home. They have a great selection of used CDs, DVDs and of course vinyl. In fact their selection of vinyl is better than the others but they have a great selection across the board and if you like newly wrapped CDs of R&B artists, on that their selection is superb. Actually remarkable. I have already found some gems and many things I want to go back for. They have all styles of music, rock, r&b/hip-hop/rap, country, jazz, reggae, dance a lot of 12 remixes, soundtracks – they even had cassettes and these great posters that are on like paperboard. Only $10 or three for $25 at the time of this review – there are many other posters that may be more or less but the ones I’m talking about are great. Don’t think they are all that price just so this doesn’t mislead you. Of musical artists and movies. They had others that were bigger and more but a great selection. Stickers, incense, it feels like the classic record stores – just a space that is full of music – it is delightful and plan to be here often. I could spend all day here. They play a variety of music and have a sign that says now playing so you know what you are listening to. Just a very cool vibe. You will feel welcome. Great place. They didn’t even mind me looking at the condition of CDs or albums which shows they are a top notch store and understand collectors. And know the covers don’t reflect the actual CDs or discs, I got some older looking covers of CDs today but the discs themselves were excellent flawless condition and I got one earlier this week that was in mint condition, looked like never touched or played. Prices for used CDs are excellent, vinyl is somewhat higher but that is because their selection of vinyl is hard to find and some are very rare. All in all entirely worth everything you pay. I felt very at home and transported back in time – a wonderful place for music collectors, musicians, movie lovers, DJS. 4 great CDs in the last couple days for about $20. Can’t beat it. The record store atmosphere is worth the visit alone.UPDATE January 9, 2020 Bring in your vinyl and CDs to sell and trade and pick up some new things – so much music here, great vinyl selection. CDs, 45’s movies – it just never ends. One of my favorite places to be in Redlands. What is better culture than music and film. All types. People who work there are super cool. Good vibes, all genres of music. This is the place to be, make a day of it. Enjoy – feels like the good old days are back!! Bring home a bunch of treasure, I always do.UPDATE: September 22, 2020 Now they have skateboards of great design. Now you can get music, make mp3’s load it on your player and skate all over town jamming to your favorite music – great store, great product, great service.
Omar Mohammed
My absolute favorite record and CD shop in the Redlands area. You will find unique box sets of artists such as the Supremes, Fats Domino, to name a few. The Christmas record selection was conveniently placed in one section at the front of the store for easy browsing. On a recent visit I bought a CD of the extended remixes of the 80s freestyle girl group Expose. There is as always something new in this store and I always love the adventure of the treasure hunt! There is tons of parking so come by and discover some great music at bargain prices!
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