First Cash Pawn

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Health and Safety:  Mask required · Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits · 



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Address: 1115 W Veterans Memorial Blvd b, Killeen, TX 76541
Phone: (254) 519-0939

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Review Summary

James Sanchez
Good stuff place video games firearm tools & sports
Stancy Lipton
The staff was very helpful and guided me to find the right gifts for my spouse.
Jim Foster
Great selection and willing to negotiate the price
rd r
Clean store and super friendly staff. Fair prices and easy to deal with. First time I’d ever dealt with a pawn shop in it was surprisingly pleasant.
Da Girl
If you ever want to do business with a company for years and still be treated like just a nothing number, THEN YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!! Now to be fair and transparent, here is my flaw! At times I forget my payment is due so on more than a few occasions, I have paid late. However, I always pay, but fair is fair and thats my flaw. So I have this laptop that I have been pawning at least several times a year with this company since 2016 for months at a time. Its very old Toshiba ( over 10 years old). However, its a very special laptop because it houses 10 years of my writings, written school work papers, pictures of my kids and our journey in life, all sorts of stuff, so maybe, I was negligent by pawning anyway.. ( hmm). Anyway, throughout the years, I have always paid for laptop, other items pawn during situations, I usually get out asap. I have even bought a new laptop from this company as well as an apple computer and few other small things.Cutting the chase, I have experienced my things being placed on the shelf for sale without any notice at all, meaning no phone call. I call in to check on payment to only find out its for sale. Now this roughly 4 times out of the 4 plus years with company. I complained to upper management who was of little help, but did cut back some tax( due to them seeing in their system that I always pick up my stuff).So I switch location hoping for something better, due to knowing I wouldn’t get more any where else for that old laptop, due to good standing with this company. I loved new location at first it was mostly woman and they did do better with me after they found out my issue at last location and again my stats as a long term customer.However, one day I came and it was all males and new management, which has happen a lot over the years. Now don’t get it twisted, they are very nice to you, one of them started greeting me every time by my name every time I make payment or need to pawn something. So the transaction between getting your items is very friendly. The new male manager is scared to lose his job as he stated so he is not much of a bargain sport, or at least with me. He stated managers where getting fired for over pawning. Ok.. Don’t want you to lose your job! Ok.. So whats my problem right!! So although this company has allowed my items to go on sale with out notifying, I took responsibility for most part, paid for my stuff, complained but was ok, because none of my stuff was every lost. Moving to last month I received phone call from company saying do you want you laptop, it out of pawn. Not going to lie, it made my day, I felt like break through had finally been made!Boy was I wrong, I came in paid for laptop, I had another ticket as well that I totally forgot about ( mixer) so while I am paying for my item the guy says you want your mixer too, I said yea its due! Lol this boy got get my mixer off the self it had been on sale for some weeks apparently. I kept a smile but, but knew at that moment the business relationships with this company I hope for would never happen. So I repawn, complained as I always do. However, made it my mission to come get my stuff asap. Got items unwrapped laptop FIRST THING IS PRICE TICKETS FELL OUT! SECONDLY they reset my COMPUTER AND THE LOW DOWN MEN NEVER BOTHER TO TELL ME. SO WHY DID Y’ALL CALL ME AGAIN AFTER YOU HAVE CLEARED MY COMPUTER AND HAD ALREADY SET A PRICE TO SALE.I GOT A GOOD GUESS, FIRST OFF PRICING MY OLD LAPTOP FOR 360 WAS NEVER GONNA SALE, PLUS BATTERY NEEDS TO BE CHANGED. GUESS MANAGER FIGURED THAT AND DIDN’T WANT TO GET FIRED SO SAID, HEY HERE IS AN IDEAL CALL HER AND SEE IF SHE WANTS IT!! Smh. I understand if system places pawns out after so long( thats what they say) however, if you eventually called me than that means you have to see who stuff is coming out of pawn. Sitting here with recovery software having to go through hundreds of thousands of files to recovery my stuff!! Lesson learned!!Point is you can pawn here, BUT DON’T PLAN TO BE LOYAL, BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT BE LOYAL TO YOU! YOU ARE JUST A PAWN!!
Martin Chavez
Nice store and friendly people alot stuff to buy
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