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Experts in Extensive Attic Services, Crawl Space Services, and More! With a combination of over 20 years of experience and expertise, our goal is to provide our customers with a home that is safe, energy efficient, and comfortable. We do this through our comprehensive, professional attic and crawl space cleaning services that include: Rodent Proofing Attic Cleaning Services Attic Insulation Crawl Space Cleanup Duct Cleaning Decontamination We have the know-how and the proper equipment to perform quality work in your home or business. We are dedicated to get the job done right the first time and stay on budget. We are family owned and take great pride in improving our community and keeping customers for live!



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Address: 800 W El Camino Real Suite 180, Mountain View, CA 94040
Phone: (800) 444-8180

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ATTIC STAR – 800 W El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA

113 reviews of Attic Star “We worked with Joseph who was very helpful and even gave his personal cell phone number in case of any problems in the future.”

Attic Star

Attic Star’s been the leading provider of attic cleaning services and crawl space cleaning … Attic Star has been serving the Bay Area … Mountain View, CA 94040  …

ATTIC STAR – 800 W El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA

113 reviews of Attic Star “We worked with Joseph who was very helpful and even gave his … Crawl Space & Attic Services … Ste 180 Mountain View, CA 94040.

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billy poe
Good service nice people .finish in he same day .
ann kingery
I had rat droppings in my kitchen and dinning room.
Prasad T.N.S
They did an excellent job in cleaning and insulating our attic and crawl space.
Jesse D
Chuck/Alex, thank you. Roughly 18-months ago we decided it was time to replace our old blown-in insulation with nice thick R-38 Batts. Immediately we noticed our energy consumption reduced, making this a clear upgrade for any future home we own.With that said, Chuck really went above and beyond my expectations for customer service. After initial installation, Chuck followed up and made sure I was satisfied with the results. I asked how long it normally took for the Batts to fluff up properly…rather than giving some answer like wait a little longer, Chuck recommended his guys review during the follow up visit. There were a few locations where the insulation snagged while fluffing and his guys took care of it.Second instance was when we noticed a critter running around the attic. We called Chuck about a year after initial install and he sent over his guys to check mesh around crawl space and roof vents. A few vents had been damaged, so his guys put new screens on…no charge! (killer warranty with Attic Star)Third time we noticed a second critter rummaging around…Called Chuck, and found out our bathroom contractor used a roof vent without mesh!!! What the heck! Perfectly contained with Attic Star then our contractor messes things up. Chuck brought his guys out and found the entry point almost instantly! These guys have really stood by their warranty, even when it wasn’t their fault. A+++ customer service. Will use again!
Sean McConnell
We tried the big name companies, and the rats kept coming back. We do live in Marin near open space, but we don’t have to be that nice to the local wildlife. It was bad in our attic. Droppings everywhere! Zabi and his crew vacuumed out all of the droppings and old insulation, rat-proofed every hole, and added R38, 16-inch insulation throughout. Today, Julio came for a follow-up and every trap was empty. Well worth every penny!
Thor Hansen
Dave from Attic Star is a very hard worker, personable and really puts forth a strong effort to help resolve rodent issues which can be very complex.That said it’s important to understand that the owner Sean decided 8 months ago that the company will not take jobs on homes that have skip sheathed roofs as work can not be guaranteed.Many older homes dating from the 80’s and older especially if they have tile roofs that have not been re-roofed will not be something they can help with due to the high level of complexity in alleviating entry points.This means that unless you have full sheathing on your roof (full plywood pieces under your roofing) that this is not the right company for you.Also they have a minimum fee of $2000.00 (Two Thousand dollers) so if you think your issue may be a smaller one or you don’t have a larger budget perhaps just have them out for a consult to learn more then hire a handy person to help seal problem areas.These guys are quite intelligent, real chess players so for the most part I’m sure you would be in good hands if you qualify as a customer.Do your homework, educate yourself ahead of time so you can understand a bit about your issue and methods for resolving it.They turned me down as a possible client all together due to my skip sheathed roof which is mostly understandable.The reason I say mostly is beacause despite the fact that the attic can potentially be used for them (rodents) to access the crawl space (under the home) using the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen plumbing vents if they were not properly sealed at time of construction. To go up and down within a home inside the walls.It is possible to seal these vent areas to isolate the attic from the crawl space. Firecode calls for these gaps to be sealed in modern homes from the 80’s and later. So the crawl space should be able to be sealed off seperately from the attic to help mitigate issues regardless of a skip sheathed roof.These being the facts I was still turned down as a potential client to help with the crawl space as I requested until I can finish sheathing my roof in its entirety.This is their right of course just disappointing for me as an owner who is trying to alleviate a problem.
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