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Address: 1917 Stanford St, Greenville, TX 75401
Phone: (904) 725-5000

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Contact Us – Army Navy Outdoors Warehouse. 1917 Stanford Street. Greenville Texas 75401. Phone: 904.725.5000. Full Name. Phone Number. Email Address *.

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locationsheader.jpg. Online Warehouse. 1917 Stanford Street. Greenville Texas 75401. Online Customer Service. Phone: 904.725.5000. M – F 8:00AM -5:00PM …

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… Warehouse1917 Stanford St, Greenville, Texas, United States. Warehouse, 1917 Stanford St, Greenville, Texas, United States.

Review Summary

Rusty Burke
Pretty cool place for hiking and paintball equipment
Louis Miller
Always great shopping here with a good selection of products and great staff.
Sean Hannold
Professional service when I was looking for a pair of boots to wear at work.
Todd Frankland
I ordered online, got sub-par quality merchandise (even for surplus). Rotted zippers and literally patches on top of other patches in critical areas. I emailed them and asked them to honor their commitment from the item description, that if something wasn’t satisfactory they’d work it out. They’re agent, Matt, just strung me along with promises for a month or two, before they stopped answering any of my emails. I was just asking for a replacement in better shape or a refund, nothing crazy. Its a shame because I like they’re gear and prices, but when a company specifically makes a commitment, in that specific item’s listing, that they’ll resolve any issues, then won’t actually do that, that’s illegal, it’s dishonest, but false advertising is literally a crime. Yes its surplus gear, was expecting some wear, but online buyers rely on the store to make a reasonable choice for them, as they can’t pick through the selection like brick-and-mortar.Even if the gear is a good deal, you’ll lose any money you saved when they send you unusable gear and ignore their own garantees.
Mc G
Found this place by accident, and I do have to say that it is definately a rare gem of a find.!!!The first thing that stands out as soon as you walk in, it not just how huge this place is and by a much stuff is stocked, but it is very impressive how Clean and how Neatly everything is organized, displayed and racked inside.!!!Very friendly and knowledgeable staff that was attentive to our needs and everything clearly priced with plenty of descriptive signage.!!! I’ve walked into big box stores that were not even close to this place in cleanliness and organization.!!!If you’re in the Jacksonville area and like checking these slowly dissolving finds, then Army Navy Outdoors is definately the place to spend some time and few dollars to keep this place here for a long time.!!!
shane frendach
Really hard to find, however they were super friendly and had everything I needed. Only thing I will add is that even though this is their warehouse they should advertise it more with a sign for display so people know where the location is. It is door number 3 of the warehouse.
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